Our Home

I dreamed of you last night. It was the two of us, walking down a flight of stairs, into the night. The wind fluttered the cherry blossoms and the moon shined on our faces.

We had had a little too much to drink and were catching up like this after a really long time. Although we meet every day, yet it had been a while since we let loose. Glad we changed that today.

The wind was ruffling my hair and you were plucking out the petals from them. Doing nothing has its charm.

We walked around, talking about so much yet so less to pour our hearts out. My hands found yours and warmth spread through me.

I couldn’t get myself to end this night, neither could you. Tomorrow would bring with itself the distance of different workplaces and homes.

Begrudgingly, I held your hand and pulled you to walk with me back to my house, when you stopped me and asked something.
You looked at me, waiting for an answer, but I guess I hadn’t thought of it as an option so it caught me by surprise.
I realised you were waiting for an answer.
“Should we move in together?”
When the words finally made sense to me, I couldn’t be happier! I squealed. I drew you close and held you like that for a long time.

I think this was one of the best dreams I’ve had. But then, I opened my eyes and found you lovingly waking me up, in this home. Our home

Could we chance upon us?

Could we wait a little longer
Could we stay for a while
Chancing upon the hope
Chancing upon the time

Could we try a little harder
Could we rest for a while
Chancing upon the effort
Chancing upon the skies

Could we dance a little softer
Could we sway for a while
Chancing upon the daze
Chancing upon the lights

Could we hold a little tighter
Could we hug for a while
Chancing upon the warmth
Chancing upon the smiles.

How Many Times

How many more times can I come running to you?
How many more times would you accept me in all my broken glory with open arms?
You keep telling me that you don’t mind
You keep telling me that new paths I’d find.

How many more times can I keep myself warm from your hugs?
How many more times the way I tiptoe into your room won’t disturb you?
You keep telling me the cold would go away
You keep telling me you’d catch up on your sleep the next day

How many more times can I call you up everytime I fall?
How many more times can I ask for you to pick me up?
You keep telling me I’d learn
You keep telling me you’ll be there so I don’t yearn.

How many more times can I ask you to hold me close?
How many more times will you accept me whole?
You keep telling me infinite times.
You keep telling me every time.

All Good Things

We live in Illusions
We lay our faith
In the light at the end of the tunnel
We shimmer in the darkness
We glimmer in the hope

When all is lost.
All is not lost.


What do you when you’re drowning
Do you pull every branch out there
Do you hold on to the shallow ends in the hope they’ll keep you safe
Do you let someone try to keep you from drowning
And take them down with you

When you’re falling
Do you panic and ruin everything around you like the storm that you are
Do you avoid the deep ends
Or do you take every rope extended to you that makes you stay

When you’re running away
Do you take those you love with you
Or do you leave them behind for their own good
Do you kiss them goodbye

So when you’re drowning
And running away
How do you stumble upon your perserverance and indefatigable efforts and stay where you are?

Sometimes I might

Sometimes I live in other places
Sometimes I live in different zones
I might be with you in the present
I might be with someone else in my mind

Sometimes I belong to other countries
Sometimes I belong in different times
I might be living in the 21st Century in the present
I might be in the Victorian Era in my mind

Sometimes I am in stories
Sometimes I am in the truth
I might be a legal associate in the present
I might be Katniss Everdeen in my mind

Sometimes I hold on to pieces
Sometimes I hold on to lies
I might be playing chess in the present
I might be a detective in my mind

Sometimes, I live on the beachside
Sometimes I live in your heart
I might be going for a swim in the present
I might be revelling in your love in my mind.